For four generations and 100 years,
integrity has been the cornerstone of the Colonna family business.

After traveling from his southern village of Pisticci, Italy in 1902, Dominic Colonna came to America to fulfill his dream of owning his own business. In 1918, Colonna Brothers, Inc. was founded. With nearly 100 years of service, the name Colonna continues to stand for integrity, tradition, quality and family.

Dominic started in a small grocery store and in the stores back garage, he grated and packaged cheeses. The response to his endeavors was instantaneous, as people from his neighborhood flocked to his grocery store to buy his cheeses. Although he did not realize at the time, he had tapped into something big. By the 1940’s the Colonna Grocery store had evolved into a substantial food distribution company, servicing both consumers and the trade. Dominic lived to see the success of his ventures through his 100th Birthday.

Following in their father’s footsteps, Leonard and Joseph Colonna took over the family business and continued to build on their father’s enterprise, through their constant efforts to keep business ideas fresh and productive with the addition of flavored and plain bread crumbs.

Over the course of years, Leonard’s three children Peter, Diane and Mark joined in the family business and continued to build on their grandfather’s legacy and helped develop new products, packaging, building private label programs, updating their facility with cutting edge technology.

Now four generations later, Dominic’s great-grandchild Janelle, is committed to continuing his vision by keeping up with modern day trends and expansion of the business while holding on to tradition. They await Dominic’s other great grand-children to join the family business.

Over time, Colonna Brothers, Inc. has grown to include other items such as: Pasta Sauces, Italian Specialty items, spices and sprinkles. All items are supplied to supermarket chains, distributors, specialty stores, food service companies and restaurants across the United States and abroad.

Our goal at Colonna is to provide only the best products and services to our customers, caring for our staff and always keeping in mind that “Family Comes First!”